1-on-1: Forks Service

Do you know how old your fork oil is? Are your seals leaking? Changes in suspension performance can be difficult to notice as the oil gradually breaks down over the years - you will notice improved and firmer handling with fresh fork oil. Typical specifications are to replace your fork oil every two years, more frequently if riding on the track.

Request an appointment to perform a complete overhaul on your motorcycle's forks. The front end of your motorcycle will be supported off the ground and the forks removed. The forks will be completely disassembled on a bench, the oil and dust seals replaced, and everything put back together again and reinstalled on your bike. You will learn to use all of the specialized fork service tools we have at the shop, so that once you've taken this class, any future fork related maintenance can be done on your own.

We stock fork oil and dust seals for most bikes, but check with us ahead of time to make sure we have them for your bike.

Time: 3 - 5 hours, depending on you and the bike

Request an appointment to work with a mechanic.


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