Jack of all trades, master of all things sport. This guy knows more about Japanese sport bikes than I know about my own feet. If you can nab a couple hours of this guys time you have struck gold. When he’s not with us he’s working with an AMA race team or running support for Dunlop. He teaches our Valve Adjustment Workshops and Carb/Fuel Injection Class. He prefers to work days so take some vacation time off from work and get ready. 
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Been around Harley Davidson’s since before he could walk. Knows these beasts inside and out. Read our Yelp reviews - its mostly about him. He has a superb teaching style, patient but brilliant. If he only knew the rest of the models we’d have a genius on our hands. His availability is flexible and we love it that way! 
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A diamond in the rough. Who would have thought this guy would be a diagnostics/fix/repair whatever genius! Since he’s joined us we still have yet to find a problem he can’t fix. He’s been around the block a few and that’s exactly what we need. His way of teaching is patient, engaging and customers love him.
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Rob or Michelle

The dynamic duo a.k.a Meteor Motorbikes.

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Dave Moss

Dave Moss was almost born in a sidecar and been around motorcycles his entire life. After a career in rugby, Dave turned again to motorcycles and started racing with both Oregon and Washington Motorcycle Road Racing clubs. He forced an internship with H&H Suspension that turned in Circuit 1 Suspension and then started GP Suspension with Dave Hodges. The reason why was that all the elder statesmen said that to win you had to have great suspension and good tires. Dave taught himself on set up, geometry, tire wear, gearing, ergonomics and a host of other subjects in order to win races.

Since 1995 Dave has been helping riders learn more about every facet of a motorcycle on the street, track and dirt. He has specialized in all aspects of chassis and suspension tuning since that time and become world renown for his communication skills via his website, YouTube Channel, Facebook page and phone App for Android and Apple platforms. He regularly reaches over 100,000 people a month around the globe that want to learn more from Dave.

Dave's other passion is teaching, and he teaches as much he can between domestic and international travel with classes, seminars, workshops, suspension tuning rides and track day and race day suspension support. Dave also coaches 1-1 on the street and track.

And then, there's racing. Dave has been a multiple AFM class Champion and earned a #9 Plate with AFM in 2014. He is currently evangelizing the rapidly growing 600 with a disabled fuel injector to create the fastest growing class in AFM - the 450 movement.