BioLite: Basecamp Stove

Moto Guild tested and APPROVED!

A smart alternative to fossil-fuel stoves, the Biolite BaseCamp Stove gives you wood-fired meals and charges your devices all at the same time. Using just small pieces of firewood or fallen branches for fuel, this thermo-electric stove converts heat to electricity, which charges an internal 2,200 mAh lithium-ion battery and powers a fan to increase the efficiency of the fire. That battery stores energy and has a five Watt USB power output to allow you to charge your devices when you want. The smart LED feedback dashboard shows you how strong the fire is and exactly how much power is being generated. The large grill has room for roughly ten burgers, making feeding a group easy, while the one-touch lever lets you control the flame for when you need to switch over to boiling water. After dark, the USB FlexLight illuminates whatever you're cooking with just the tap of the finger.


Large Cooking Area: 138 square inch grill surface easily fits 8 burgers. Safe and energy efficient outdoor and off-grid cooking and heating. Uses solid biomass (twigs, firewood, wood chunks, etc.)

Powerpack with Onboard Battery: 5 Watt @ 5V USB output to charge your devices including smartphones. Integrated 2200mAh Lithium ion battery stores energy to use later, even without a fire. Smart LED Dashboard: Monitor your power generation and battery level.

Grill-to-Boil Lever: Transform flame from dissipated heat for grilling to direct heat for boiling, at the flip of a switch.

Weight: 17.92 lbs (8.16 kg); Stainless steel, cast iron, high-temperature plastic; In the box: BioLite BaseCamp, Firestarters, Fuel Rack, Ash Tray, Gooseneck USB light, and Instructions