Class: Intro to Motorcycle Maintenance

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This is an excellent introductory class for new riders or those new to the experience of working on their motorcycle.

Take a detailed tour of the shop, learn the basics of tool use, learn about the components of a motorcycle, and how to inspect and maintain them. A demo bike will be used to cover all topics, followed by inspections of each student’s motorcycle to see what maintenance is needed and when. This class is also an open forum for you to talk to a mechanic about anything you want to know about your motorcycle or just motorcycles in general.

If you’re already familiar with tools and have done some work on your motorcycle (or similar) sign up for the Minor Service Workshop. This is another great next step to learning how to work on your own motorcycle.

COST: $75
3 hours
TEACHER: Wilder G.

PARTS: no parts needed for this class, but feel free to browse our online catalog - we are adding more items every day. 

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