Tire Change Workshop

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Students will learn how to remove the wheels from their motorcycle, use our K&L Tire Changer to replace their tires, and then balance and reinstall their wheels. This is all done with an instructor at hand to make sure the job is done right.

You may also bring the wheel/s off the motorcycle – sign up for the “Wheel off bike” option.

If you do not purchase your tires from Moto Guild there will be a $5 per tire disposal fee due at end of class.

In this workshop you have a few options:
• One wheel off bike – $35 (member price: $31.50)
• Two wheels off bike – $45 (member price: $36)
• Change front tire – $60 (member price: $54)
• Change rear tire – $70 (member price: $63)
• Change two tires – $120 (member price: $108)

This workshop is required before you can use our Tire Changer.

CLASS LENGTH: 1-4 hours

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